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Three Ways Web 3.0 and NFTs will redefine the future of influencer marketing

Three Ways Web3 And NFTs Will Redefine The Future Of Influencer Marketing

Web3 is the future of the internet. Over the next few years, the worlds of Web 2.0 and Web3 will merge, revealing blockchain’s mass-market potential. The market for Web3 digital products is growing rapidly, and it is difficult for people to resist. As a result, the number of creators, including social media influencers, experimenting with Web3 digital products has risen. Although several creators have already built multimillion-dollar brands through such digital products, many creators continue to struggle. The market is ripe for innovation, and it is sizable, boasting more than 50 million creators. With the power of Web3, creators can reap enormous benefits from NFTs.

This article was published in the Forbes Magazine on Mar 31, 2022.

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