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Dennie is an experienced Web3 executive, professor and consultant. He has over a decade of experience in helping businesses with technology, branding and marketing. He is the Fractional CTO of Digiphy and the ex-Head of Product & Technology at BAIOTEQ. He is also a Professor of Internet Studies at the City University of Seattle, where he created the course titled "Social Media and Soceity". He is a published researcher on technology/marketing and has also written articles for prominent media outlets like Forbes.

Prior to being appointed to the prestigious Forbes Technology Council in 2022, Dennie has been a keynote speaker at several international tech conferences like NCIS (Nigeria) and he has received numerous awards including a "Business Leader 2019' award from the Govt. of China.

As a consultant, Dennie has worked with some of the largest global web3 companies and has helped many small cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) companies grow to revenues of over $10 Million.

Dennie holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (USA), a Master of Engineering in Technology Innovation Management from Carleton University (Canada) and a B.Com. degree from Deakin University (Australia).

Outside of work, Dennie likes to explore new cultures and has travelled to over 25 countries.


25+ clients have achieved positive results since 2018


10+ yrs of PR, branding & marketing exp.


9+ research articles as a subject matter expert


25+ countries visited with clients across the globe

"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do"

Dennie James
Advisor, Mentor & Investor

A decade of digital marketing

Helped KingCamp China grow to US$10M sales globally in 3yrs with cross-border marketing & localization.


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Helped Digiphy Canada build the world's 1st hybrid NFT app with PR & marketing support.


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